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          Unified Births & Deaths Registrations for all Registration Units i.e RLBs and ULBs

IT&C Department , Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has initiated Civil Registration System-Unified Births & Deaths Registration ,a Flagship project, for Computerization of Civil Registrations for RLBs and ULBs. In India the system of Civil Registration has been in operation for over a century. Civil Registration System popularly known as birth and death registration system is the recording of vital events i.e. live births, stillbirths and deaths under the statutory provisions on continuous and permanent basis. The registration records are useful primarily as legal documents and secondarily as a source of statistics. For individuals, it is legal proof of age, identity, nationality, heritance and civil status. Registration of Births and Deaths is done under the Registration of Birth and Death Act, 1969 and the Rules issued by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Act Features are.

  • Registration of births and deaths is done under the Registration of Birth and Death Act, 1969.
  • Registration of vital event has to be done at the place of occurrence of the event.
  • Provision of registration of birth without the name of the child. Name can be entered later but not after 15 years from the date of registration.
  • Correction or cancellation of entries.
  • Penalties for non-reporting/non-registration of events. Issue of free certificate of birth/death in case the registration is done within 21 days.
  • Event reported after 21 days but with in 30 days attracts nominal late fee.Events reported after 30 days but within 1 year are registered with higher late fee along with affidavit to be filed by the person reporting the event.
  • Events reported beyond 1 year can be registered with only with the order of the Executive/1st class Magistrate and with late fee.
  • Responsibility to report the event:
    • For domiciliary births, head of household
    • For institutional events, in-charge of the institution or any other officer authorized by him/her.
An MIS portal of UBD for Telangana is launched to enable middle and top management to monitor and follow up.

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